Magnetic Roll Separators

Magnetic Roll Separators

Electro Flux is a magnetic roll separator manufacturer and magnetic roll separator supplier.

Magnetic roll separator is used to remove fine iron contamination from the products such as Silica sand, quartz, magnesite, feldspar, dolomite, food products, chemicals, ceramics, etc. The magnetic separator consists of a hopper, electromagnetic feeder with dimmer control, roll construction, drive motor, adjustable splitter plates, and control panel.

The rare earth roll separator has a powerful rare earth magnetic roll, which also functions as a head pulley. As the product on the belt passes over the rare-earth magnetic roll, ferrous particles stick to the belt while the non-ferrous particles fall freely off the belt into the non-magnetic chute due to centrifugal force.

Adjustable splitters are provided to ensure an optimum magnetic/non-magnetic split. Roll speed is variable and can be adjusted from 40 RPM to 400 RPM thereby enabling the aid of centrifugal force in the separation of the magnetic and non-magnetic.

Data Required From The Customer For Magnetic Drum Separator

  • Type of Material
  • Size of Material
  • Size / Percentages of Iron Content
  • Capacity of Separation in Tons
  • Moisture Content
  • Density of Material

Feed Hopper

This is a non-magnetic stainless steel construction containing a finely controlled adjustable feed gate with positive shut off that is designed for uniform feed with minimum bounce.

Roll Construction

The magnetic rolls incorporated in our machines have been specially designed and developed to generate an exceptionally high magnetic field and gradient. The rolls which are built using rare earth Nd-Fe-B are manufactured to very low dimensional tolerances.

Drive Motor

It can be at a constant or variable speed according to the capacity and the range of separation.

Adjustable Splitter Plates

Stainless steel normally consists of a single splitter, however, in certain cases, the splitter plates can be fitted with provision for middling product for different modes of treatment.


All chutes are stainless steel and are designed to withstand abrasion to eliminate blockages.

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