Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnet Head Pulleys

Electro Flux is a magnetic head pulley manufacturer and magnetic head pulley supplier.

We offer two varieties:

  • Electro Magnetic Head Pulley
  • Permanent Magnetic Head Pulley
    (i) Ferrite Magnetic Pulley, (ii) High Power Rare Earth Magnetic Pulley.

Electro Flux Magnetic Pulley widely used in iron ore separation, slag processing, mineral beneficiation, by regulating the field strength of the magnet. Electro Flux Magnetic Pulley ranges from 110VDC & 220 VDC. It provides continuous protection against tramp iron contamination of both large and fine iron particles. As the product passes over the head pulley, a non-ferrous material is discharged in a normal trajectory. We can get the various grades of recovery from the material.

Ferrous metal is attracted to the pulley and remains on the belt until the belt moves away from the pulley, falling clear of the product stream. The separation is automatic and continuous. Widely used in recycling/processing of aluminum, plastic, glass, wood, and other non-ferrous material flows including chemicals, food, grains, textile, ceramic and coal.

Metal recovery and separation of screws, nails, fasteners, blanks, wire, chain, tools and various ferrous objects from your product flow occur seamlessly.


Tramp metal removal from conveyor systems, purification, and concentration of ores, chemicals and granular products.


  • Efficient & cost-saving recovery of harmful tramp metal; Super-tough, trouble-free operation
  • Exclusive continuous radial pole design grabs long rod-like tramp iron across the pulley’s face
  • Develops especially powerful magnetic field at the center of the belt, where burden is deepest
  • No DC power supply required
  • All welded body and face construction — no bolts or screws to work loose
  • Easy to install, permanent magnetic pulleys require no maintenance

Magnetic Pulley

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