Magnetic Drum Separators

Magnetic Drum Separators

  • Ferrite magnetic drum separator
  • High power rare earth magnetic drum separator

Electro Flux is a magnetic drum separator manufacturer and magnetic drum separator supplier.

Magnetic drum separators offer the highest level of magnetic strength and are appropriate for many different applications, including scrap processing, auto shredding, mining, aggregate, or for the removal of any large volumes of metal.

The concept of Magnetic Drum Separator is very simple - material is fed into a rotating shell revolving around a stationary magnet. Ferrous metal remains on the shell surface until it passes through the magnetic field - separating it from the normal trajectory of the nonferrous material.

magnetic drum separator

The design of the Drum Separator features a continuously self-cleaning magnet, which can be provided as just the drum or as a complete assembly with the housing & drive included.

Material to be processed enters the top of the drum separator and flows across the surface of the drum. As the drum shell rotates around the stationary magnetic field, all non-ferrous products which are unaffected by the magnet fall free from the drum into the cleaned material flow.

Any ferrous tramp metal is captured by the magnetic field and held on the drum’s surface. As the drum rotates, the metal is carried past the diverter and released outside the magnetic field.

Magnetic Drum Separator

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