Electro Flux manufactures, customizes and works at innovating products for all types of industries. Our products are durable and reliable with quality that reflects global standards. We provide you with the perfect solution by understanding your specific needs.

Electro Lifting

Electro Lifting Magnets are used in steel mills, scrap yards, loading and unloading of ferrous metal for lifting, foundries, warehouses, shipyards, coil...

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Excavator Electro
Lifting Magnets

Excavator Electro Lifting Magnet can be used in any type of excavator by changing the bucket or the attachment attached to the boom end which...

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Magnetic Separators are used in aggregate & mining industries, food processing, textile industries, pharmaceutical and...

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Vibratory Equipment is used where vibration is needed to feed the material, screening of material and compact the material.

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Industries We Serve

Electro Flux Equipments is India's leading manufacturer of Industrial electromagnetic equipment. Serving the best quality, we cater all kinds of core industries such as Steel, Foundry, Power Plant, Cement, Ceramics and Sugar Plant etc. We value our customers and adopt the best practices to achieve customer satisfaction.

Steel Plant


Power Plant

Cement Plant

Sugar Plant

Metrials Handling



About Electro Flux Equipments

Electro Flux Equipments Pvt Ltd is one of India’s leading Industrial Lifting Magnet manufacturers and Industrial Lifting magnet suppliers. Our core products are electro lifting magnets, excavator magnets, magnetic separators and vibrating equipments. We cater to all kinds of industries such as Steel, Foundry, Power Plant, Cement, Ceramics, Sugar Plants and more across the globe.

Our customers are the most valuable part of our organization and we enforce flexible customer service policies to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

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Strong Clientele

We have a strong client base and have a vast range of products.

Turn Around Time

Our turnaround time tells our efficiency and success achieved.

Service & Support

We provide post-sale service and never let our clients forget us.

Advanced Technology

We use latest technologies in manufacturing electromagnetic equipment.

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